A Garden Grows in Kirkland

A newly planted idea is growing on the campus of Kirkland Seventh-day Adventist School and Puget Sound Adventist Academy.

The school has created an outdoor garden where students can experience nature and learn about various wildlife.

"Nature is one of the best places to learn, and it offers us many teaching tools," says Javier Krumm, teacher and supervisor for the project. "Nature gives us the chance to connect our students with God, His creation, and at the same time learn about wildlife."

The garden is located at the south end of the campus between the school playground and the neighboring property fence.

The students will maintain the garden even as they watch it grow and develop. Classes will occasionally be taught outdoors amidst the garden environment, giving teachers a fresh way to teach students about wildlife. Students will have the opportunity to learn about conservation and experience hands-on projects.

Overall this new habitat center will help PSAA have a more complete and integral program, based in the physical, mental, social and spiritual development of students. The garden has been made possible through funding from a Don Keele award.

September 01, 2008 / Washington Conference