AAA Welcomes New Faculty

With the arrival of a new school year, Auburn Adventist Academy is delighted to welcome new faces to AAA's faculty family. In addition to the new personnel on campus, several other positions have been filled by returning staff members.

Wes McKey, former vice president for finance has taken the position to teach computer education. Walter Turner, who taught junior and senior Bible, has accepted the position of vice principal/village dean. Grace Gratias has transitioned from serving as vice principal/village dean to become the biology, chemistry and health teacher. Chuck Bailey has moved from being the associate to the director of food services.

In addition to these changes, AAA is pleased to welcome many new people on board. Ramon Castello comes to AAA from Thunderbird Adventist Academy and is contributing his expertise to the food service department. Trenton Russell has joined the team as the new wind ensemble teacher. Together with his wife Katie, they are excited to be joining in the music ministry. Arturo Ledezma is the new vice principal of finance. After spending several years at Milo Adventist Academy, Ledezma and his family are sharing their talents with AAA. Bill Ludwig is joining as the new algebra/pre-calculus teacher. With 15 years of teaching math under his belt, Ludwig is enthused about teaching at Auburn. Scott Spies, the eighth-grade teacher from Buena Vista, has accepted the junior and senior Bible teaching position. Shalaine Linrud, who is taking a year out from Southern Adventist University, is working as the girls' taskforce dean. Patrick Clifford, who has moved to Auburn from Hawaii with his wife Melissa, is serving as the boys' taskforce dean.

Throughout the changing tides of personnel on campus, one thing remains constant. The faculty and staff are dedicated, compassionate and enthusiastic about providing excellent education to the students at Auburn Adventist Academy.

September 01, 2008 / Washington Conference