Upper Columbia Academy Creates Orphan Bible Shelf

The Upper Columbia Academy library had a problem. Students would borrow a Bible for class, but often it would never be seen again. While Bibles are good books to have, the school could not afford to continually replace Bibles at $20 apiece. Here is how the problem was solved.

Lois Wade, librarian, created the Orphan Bible Shelf. Bibles on the shelf are free for "adoption." Students need not check them out or return them. They may take what they need and if it never finds its way back to the library it's fine. There are usually between five and 20 Bibles available at any given time. Students borrow them for a day, a week or a lifetime—depending on the need. All Wade asks is that if you no longer use the Bible you return it to the library for another to use. Wade obtains inexpensive Bibles in nice condition from thrift stores and churches for this purpose.

Does your church have a box of "orphan" Bibles in need of a good home? If so, contact Wade; she is accepting Bibles in good condition for the Orphan Bible shelf for the 2008–2009 school year. Wade can be reached at: lwade@ucaa.org or leave a message at (509) 245-3610.

Let's get all those orphans adopted!

August 01, 2008 / Upper Columbia Conference