Recent Convert Inspires Anchorage Members

On a Friday last September, Donavon Kack, pastor, received a call from Tina Steenmeyer asking where the church was located. She had been listening to 3ABN and wanted to attend. Steenmeyer walked through the doors of the Hillside-O'Malley Church the next day and has not looked back. She was baptized in early October.

Steenmeyer says she was drawn to the church. "God called me home," she says. Since her baptism, she has shared a powerful, engaging, yet humble testimony of how God's grace helped her overcome a $5,000 per month cocaine habit. She challenges her church to open their hearts to many like herself in Anchorage.

"No one knew the pain, challenges and the heartache I was going through. But God knew," she exclaims. And when, in that initial phone call, she discovered the Adventist church was not more than a mile from where she lived, God opened a door for her recovery. "There are so many more who are out there, who look good on the outside, but are dying within," says Steenmeyer. She is a walking testimony of how God brought her into contact with a church family caring enough to share the love of God with her. Now she encourages Adventists everywhere to reach out and draw others to Christ.

August 01, 2008 / Alaska Conference