Pathfinders Gather Food and Bibles

More than 775 Pathfinders and staff gathered at the Nez Perce County Fairgrounds in Lewiston, Idaho, on Sabbath, May 17, for the annual Upper Columbia Conference Pathfinder Fair.

Anthony Oucharek, Tri-Cities Junior Academy principal, was the featured speaker, focusing on the "Bible—It's God's Voice for Me." During Oucharek's commitment call, hundreds of Pathfinders made first-time decisions for Christ and more than 50 made decisions for baptism.

During the fair, Pathfinders and staff went door to door to Lewiston and Clarkston homes to collect food for local food banks and to ask for Bibles for the Bare Your Bookshelves project.

Despite temperatures of over 100 degrees, each one stuck with the effort. Interestingly, although postal workers had conducted a food drive a week prior, and most residents were unaware of the Pathfinder drive, they helped again with food items, Bibles, and/or money.

The Lewiston Food Bank benefited from 961 pounds; 648 pounds went to the Clarkston Food Bank. Later in the week, another truck load of canned goods was delivered to both food banks for a total of 2,763 pounds. Additionally, $400 in cash and checks was divided between the two area food banks. Over 800 Bibles were collected for the overseas project.

August 01, 2008 / Upper Columbia Conference