Pathfinder Camporee Features Cool Waters and Warm Hearts

With the ice out of Flat Lake by barely a week, nearly 50 Pathfinders from four clubs gathered at Camp Tukuskoya for Alaska's annual spring camporee Memorial Day weekend. Arriving at Mosquito Point by car and bus from Anchorage, Palmer and Fairbanks, Pathfinders then boarded the reliable 30-year-old, 26-foot skiff for the five-minute boat ride to camp.

The camp is only accessible by boat. Lingering ice on the lake had prevented being able to fully prepare the camp for guests, so while there was running water and flushing toilets, there was no hot water for bathing.

Richie Brower from Spokane, Wash., presented stories from the Jerusalem temple to demonstrate how every aspect of the temple worship service provided multiple illustrations of how God deals with his people. At the close of each service, Brower provided an opportunity for listeners to make a commitment to choosing and serving God. At the final meeting, about 20 percent of the campers indicated they would like to prepare for baptism.

Joe Koliadko and Mike James provided instruction and survival skill demonstrations for campers. James' demonstration for starting a fire without matches impressed them. Campers enjoyed the presentation of two great-horned owls, learning to use GPS units for the geocaching honor, and participating in team activities. Happy campers left Sunday noon, joining their camp songs with the haunting cries of the loons on the lake.

August 01, 2008 / Alaska Conference