Mission Trip to Bethel

For their mission trip in June, six adults and four children from Idaho and Washington chose the Native bush village of Bethel, Alaska.

The team held a Vacation Bible School using a Bible royalty theme about princes and princesses of the kingdom, using skits and silly court costumes to tell the stories. Between 20 to 40 Native Alaskan children came. The team also brought six boxes of books, such as My Bible Friends, to share.

Participants spent long days and nights (in the land of the midnight sun) painting, sanding, staining, flooring, cleaning, landscaping, trimming and overhauling a bathroom at the Bethel Church.

“The trip was a great way to get our children involved,” says Jenny Welch, participant, “and become aware of the different cultures and ways of living in our own country.”

August 01, 2008 / Washington Conference