Hispanic Family Camp Meeting Increases Momentum

Each of the nearly 200 individuals on stage at the Hispanic Family Camp Meeting in May was there for a reason. They were all baptized into the Seventh-day Adventist Church in 2008.

Hispanic pastors and leaders met several months ago and prayerfully set goals for 2008: 400 baptisms, 40 baptisms per church, 100 small groups, and two new churches.

To accomplish the goals, church members hosted one evangelistic series per month, established 100 small groups, distributed flyers door to door, and hosted La Voz de Esperanza (The Voice of Hope) on radio station 1360 AM each Sunday in preparation for a two-week series, Jesús es la Esperanza (Jesus is the Hope), with international evangelist Alejandro Bullón in Burien, Wash.

The Hispanic Family Camp Meeting in Auburn, Wash., immediately followed the series and allowed Bullón to nurture new and growing believers.

"If you pray and you study, but don't bring anyone to Jesus, you are dead," says Bullón. "When you have prayer, Bible study, and bring people to Jesus, that is when you have a balanced Christian. How do you bring someone to Christ? You make friends and you talk about tortillas and cars and soccer. Discover what's important to them. Then you can invite them to come with you to hear the evangelist."

Spanish Momentum continues to grow with two church plants in Burien and Auburn, continued radio ministry, and preparation for an evangelistic series in Bellevue-Issaquah with Ramon Canals, pastor-evangelist.

August 01, 2008 / Washington Conference

Heidi Martella