Better Life Broadcasting Sponsors First Annual Campmeeting

Better Life Broadcasting Network held their first camp meeting, at Milo Academy June 13–15. More than 800 attended Sabbath services. Kenneth Cox, evangelist, shared messages on the working of the Holy Spirit. James Rafferty, speaker from Light Bearers Ministry, encouraged others to cling to Jesus during difficult times. Jennifer Jill Schwirzer, Michael Ministries member from Pennsylvania, spoke to the youth about passion and purity as well as providing music during the weekend. Other musicians included Dona Klein, organist, and the His Song Chorale. Donna Clifford, from Roseburg, Ore., and team led out in children's programming.

People enjoyed the weekend. One attendee wrote: "I wanted to tell you how much I appreciated the opportunity to be at camp meeting. It was the first one I attended in over 30 years and what a blessing. I renewed old friendships and most of all a spiritual renewal resulted; praise God."

Another wrote: "I appreciate the simple introductions of the speakers giving glory to God. The afternoon concert, along with the interviews and testimonies showed how God is using Better Life TV to reach precious souls for the kingdom."

Many are planning now for next year's event, scheduled for June 12–14, 2009.

August 01, 2008 / Oregon Conference