Auburn City Goes to Mozambique

August 01, 2008 | Carla Andersen

Auburn City Church partnered with Maranatha Volunteers International, and sent 26 missionaries to Praia Xai Xai, Mozambique, in May, to volunteer with church construction, Vacation Bible School, medical outreach and evangelistic meetings.

The construction team used a type of brick that does not require mortar to construct a new church in less than three days. The team's efficient work allowed extra time to pour a large concrete patio, build an outdoor baptismal tank, and provide gorgeous landscaping to the church grounds. The growing congregation now has an inviting place for worship.

More than 125 children eagerly came running to learn about Jesus during the VBS program with some walking five miles each way to come! With the aid of translators, the VBS team was able to teach songs, share stories and engage the children in exciting games and crafts. The children proudly wore their gold heaven crowns around the village.

With government clearance, a medical team of one doctor and several nurses held clinics for six days in surrounding villages and helped 60 patients a day. Patients with serious illnesses were invited to a special anointing service on the last night of the meetings.

Vince Saunders, Auburn City youth pastor, preached nightly messages of God's grace and love during the meetings. Nearly 30 community visitors attended each night and made decisions for Christ. On the final Sabbath, eight people were baptized in the Indian Ocean.

"God's inspiration and guiding hand was felt throughout the entire trip," Saunders says. "We thank our generous church family and friends, who provided the prayer support and financial assistance needed to make the trip a success. Anyone considering participating in a mission trip should definitely step out in faith."

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