Academy Church Reaches Out to Students

The Upper Columbia Academy Church reshaped its mission to focus on students. As a church family they were convicted to do more than simply hold church services and prayer meetings.

Hours of prayer and discussion led to action, and the result was the mission statement: “As a church family we are called by God to mentor children and youth to a personal, lifelong relationship with Jesus, expressing itself through service.”

Since then, church members have been intentional about seeking opportunities to connect with UCA students. As the 2007–2008 school year began, church members put mission into action. On registration day they helped students move into dorm rooms. A few weeks later, church members held a special prayer meeting, praying specifically for the students. Later, church members delivered brownies to students in the dorm.

That was only the beginning. The church evangelism committee began mentoring and training students to teach and preach. Students were invited to church board meetings. Ken Wetmore, pastor, visited the academy and discussed the worship service with the students, listening tosuggestions and finding out what would encourage them to take a more active church role.

Students have become more involved in the worship service, not only helping out, but leading. Wetmore’s goal is to train students in leadership now so that when they leave UCA, they can use the skills to be more active in their own churches.

August 01, 2008 / Upper Columbia Conference