UCA Students Make Yakima a Mission Trip

The Native American Reservation, run by the All Nations Center in Wapato, Wash., isn’t what one would normally think of for a mission trip, however it proved to be a great opportunity for 18 teenagers and 10 adults from Upper Columbia Academy.

Both groups had different jobs to complete, but the work had the same purpose—reaching out to a part of God's family in need. The projects were repainting an elder’s house in a housing project and building a fence around a basketball court for children in White Swan, a town on the Yuumaash Center Reservation.

"Everywhere we went, kids flocked toward the bus that held their new 'jungle gyms,'" says participants. "The Native American children loved to play anything that they could with you—just as long as they were with you every second of the time. We even got a few extra helpers out of the deal—they loved to help us out with anything they could—painting, picking up nails and staples, and simply being there to talk."

Participants say, "All together, it was an amazing experience that we all enjoyed immensely. We also got to help the Yakima Nation get a clearer picture of what God can do through us all."