Sabbath Featured in Billings Faith in Focus Presentation

The Montana Conference was once again the recipient of a Faith in Focus seminar provided by the North Pacific Union Conference. The purpose of Faith in Focus is to reaffirm truths found in God's Word. This year's focus was on the Sabbath. So more of Montana could be covered, the North Pacific Union sent two speakers.

The speakers were Richard and Joanne Davidson from Andrews University in Berrien Springs, Mich. Davidson led out in a seminar in Billings and his wife, Joanne, led out in Ronan, with the seminar Sabbath: Day of Exquisite Delight.

During Friday vespers, he described how his family celebrates in the Jewish tradition. To begin, the shofar, the traditional ram's horn, calls in the Sabbath. Flowers, best china used only for the Friday feast, a place set for the Unseen Guest, candles, a special bread and grape juice accompany the evening meal. Prayers, blessings and scriptures follow, interspersed with singing praises and talking of God's work in each one's life.

On Sabbath, Richard spoke about the seven dimensions of Sabbath rest. For example, active rest gives us the responsibility of planning the day as if we were preparing a 24-hour "date" with God, finding activities He would like to do, leading us into a closer relationship. Sanctifying rest tells us the Sabbath is sanctified by His presence, a gift of Himself to us.

God's intention for the Sabbath is to be an act of anointment, a healing balm poured out on the wounds of our lives. We are called to honor Him on His holy day, making the Sabbath a day of exquisite delight.

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July 01, 2008 / Montana Conference