Othello Pathfinders and Family United in Baptism

At attention and saluting, the Othello Pathfinders stood as honor guard and excitedly watched Maria Ochoa, fellow Pathfinder, enter the baptismal waters at the Othello Church.

Ochoa is a Bible scholar and part of the local Pathfinder Bible Achievement Team, which earned first place rankings at district, conference and North Pacific Union levels. They also participated in the North American Division Invitational Pathfinder Bible Achievement Bowl at Andrews University in April.

Ochoa remembers coming to the Othello Church as a young child with her father, Manuel, but later they stopped attending. Until last year... Ochoa and her brother began attending church and Pathfinders. She eagerly attended Bible study and craft classes. Ochoa told the Pathfinder director she wanted to be baptized and began studying.

Following her into the baptismal tank, as a surprise to Ochoa, Manuel and Maria Guadalupe Ochoa (her parents), were baptized as well. Even after they had stopped attending church, they continued to read and study God's word. It was at the Spanish evangelistic meetings by Jaime Flores that they made the decision for baptism.

Manuel Jr., Ochoa's younger brother, also a Pathfinder, stood as Flores made an appeal to those interested in committing their lives to the Lord in future baptism. He left the church clutching his new baptismal study guide.

The English and Spanish-speaking congregations joined for a bilingual service and fellowship dinner to celebrate the special event.