Commission Culture Alive and Well in Prineville

Prineville Church members moved into their brand-new church in March 2007 and renewed their commitment to live the Commission Culture. It was their goal to reach out to their community and grow their congregation. Earlier in 2006, Jose and Sherry Galvez came to pastor the church and help with the church's mission.

This year, from March 21 through April 5, Galvez presented a prophecy seminar, which resulted in three baptisms and one rebaptism. Furthermore, many of those who attended the series are interested in continuing weekly studies.

"In my 10 years attending church, this is the first time our pastor undertook the evangelistic series himself," comments one member. "Galvez did an excellent job making vital truths clear."

Galvez attributes this success to God's grace and the members who provided support services, including nightly refreshments to give attendees a chance to interact and get to know each other. On the evening of the last presentation, everyone was invited to a dinner and social gathering which reinforced the new friendships developed over the meetings.

June 01, 2008 / Oregon Conference

Yollie Jahn, communication leader