Samoans Organize Church Consecrate New Facility

It was a dream, and on Sabbath, Feb. 9, the dream came true. In 2001, when Lauilo Poua moved to Anchorage, Alaska, as the pastor of the 37-member group, he dreamed one day they would have their own building and be a full-fledged church. In February, the Anchorage Samoan Adventist Church consecrated their own building with more than 90 members (often more than 200 people attend on Sabbath). The Samoan population in Anchorage is nearly 19,000. Of the 21 Samoan congregations in the city, this church is the largest and fastest-growing congregation.

Samoan members organized into a church company on July 20, 2002. Poua stressed the need to step out on their own to grow. "The long-term plan, put in place in 2002, was to have either land or church within five years," says Poua. "Although we didn't have anything, we had faith God would provide a place."

From the beginning, the Samoan Company grew, moving through a series of rented facilities. In 2007 members located the ideal property, however money was a concern. "When faced with the challenge," says Poua, "it was no problem because God had provided everything for us from the beginning." They believed He would provide more than what was asked. When the closing date arrived, the down payment fund had more than enough for closing.

However, much needed to be done. But in a little more than three weeks, the work was complete. Feb. 9 was a high Sabbath for the Samoan Company. They consecrated their church and became the newly organized Anchorage Samoan Adventist Church.

The church's long-term goal is to construct a new church building on the site of the current home in three to four years time. "Nothing is impossible for God," declares Poua. "He did these miracles for the Samoan church family over the past seven years and He can do it again. We give the praise and honor to him."

May 01, 2008 / Alaska Conference