North Cascade Kids Contribute to ADRA Projects

Children at the North Cascade Church in Burlington, Wash., are learning how to help people around the world.

The Primary II Sabbath School class, for children grades 3–4, chose to apply their mission offerings for two Adventist Development and Relief Agency projects.

For the first project, the children chose to purchase a goat for a family in Tajikistan—a country they studied in mission stories. Teachers used silhouettes of goats as their goal device. The children were so excited about earning money for goats they raised enough money to buy two goats.

The most recent project the children selected was sponsoring sight restoration surgery for people in Azerbaijan. While cataract removal surgery is a quick and low-risk procedure, the reasonable cost is beyond what many cataract patients can afford.

"The goal of involving children with these projects," leaders say, "is to have the children learn how their actions can change other people's lives."

May 01, 2008 / Washington Conference