Lewiston and Clarkston Churches Host Recovery Seminars

The Lewiston and Clarkston churches hosted an outreach event targeting addicts and their families. Cheri Peters, guest speaker, came and talked to several groups about her recovery from a life of abuse, homelessness and addiction. Peters is the founder of True Step Ministries, an organization which targets at-risk teenagers, as well as an author and speaker.

Peters' first stop was Clarkston High School, where she told students addiction trashes your body inside (on the cellular level) and out (socially). Peters' stories about her weed-smoking stepfather and meth addict sister kept the children's attention and brought her points home.

Peters visited two other schools, Beacon Christian School and a Lewiston junior high school, where she spoke to a group of more than 200 eighth-grade students about addictive behavior like drugs, alcohol, self-mutilation and pornography.

Besides schools, Peters spoke at three of the four Adventist churches in the valley. At each event church members and guests from the community, including some who have just begun recovery, came and heard her story of molestation, abuse, rejection, homelessness and drug addiction. After they heard the bad, Peters would share the good news: "Jesus Christ is bigger than all that junk."

After the meetings many people lingered to share their own stories with Peters. After the meeting Friday night several people sat in the pews and prayed while others went up to receive special prayer for the Holy Spirit in their lives.

The event was a blessing for the community and an encouragement for those in recovery to continue celebrating life in Christ.