Eagle Church Rejoices With Fleming Family Baptism

May 01, 2008 | Jaunita Pitcher

Three years ago, Sophia and Patrick Fleming enrolled two of their four children in the Eagle Adventist Christian School. And what a wonderful result the decision brought. On March 15, the Flemings joined the Eagle Church by baptism and profession of faith.

The Idaho school hosts an 80 percent enrollment of students coming from non-Adventist families. For nearly 80 years the Eagle Adventist Church has supported Adventist education, though at times it seemed impossible to continue.

The Flemings have been actively involved in Pathfinders, church and school activities. They have been attending church and taking Bible studies for about a year now. Currently they have three of their four children enrolled in the elementary school and are looking at Gem State Academy next year for one daughter.

More than half of the student body and many of their parents came to support the Flemings' baptism. Most had never witnessed a baptism and several have asked to be baptized as a direct result. "Words cannot adequately express our great happiness and thankfulness for the Lord's goodness in allowing the Flemings to join us and be a part of our church," says Tim Roosenberg, pastor. "We welcome them with open arms and thankfulness for all they have done and will do in the future for the Lord."