Conference Tests New Honor

More than 100 Idaho Conference Pathfinders, staff and family gathered on Feb. 16 at the Caldwell Adventist Elementary School to evaluate a proposed new honor on the life of Jesus. Idaho Conference staff developed the honor while planning the Pathfinder year.

Darrin James, Eastern Oregon and Snake River Valley districts coordinator says, "When we made up the honor we were thinking of a good way to get the children to understand a little of what Christ went through with His disciples, especially Peter. While playing Peter I tried to understand how he felt sinking in the water and denying Him," he says. "But it was when Jesus asked, ‘Do you love me,' I realized what it meant to be Peter and what I needed to do to be with Him forever in eternity."

Pathfinders participated in a number of activities representing what Jesus did while on the earth. They made a stained glass scene representing a miracle Jesus performed. Then they created miniature scrapbooks covering His life. In small groups, they developed and presented skits using parables. Finally, they participated in a number of activities centering around the Lord's Prayer.

A skit presented by Idaho Conference staff followed these activities. Marina Venegas, Pathfinder from Caldwell Flames says, "It was all a lot of fun, even though my hands got all sticky from the glue while making the miracle scene. My favorite activity was making the mini scrapbook. I really liked using the stickers to make scenes from Jesus' life." Homedale Hawks members said their favorite activity was making up and performing the skit. Marcia Martell, Homedale Hawks staff member, believes the program is well-designed. "The children went from one activity to the next and stayed involved and interested the entire time," says Martell.

To conclude, everyone participated in the ordinance of humility, the Lord's Supper and an Agape feast. Some children had never taken part in foot washing and found it was a special experience.

May 01, 2008 / Idaho Conference