Grants Pass Members Thrill to Maranatha Stories

Mission stories inspire us. And that's why the Grants Pass Church members enjoyed hearing stories from Don Noble, Maranatha Volunteers International president, Dick Duerksen, Maranatha assistant to the president, and others on Feb. 2. The speakers encouraged members to join a Maranatha trip to help build buildings and tell people about God.

During church, Duerksen told about a man trying to get home in a terrible monsoon. While crossing a bridge, he lost his footing and was swept under the water in the current of the swift-flowing river. The rest of the story followed that afternoon to a nearly full church. Two men (angels), supposedly fishing in the river, pulled the man into their boat and took him to his home. Churches are being built and miracles are happening as lay people from our home churches go out to share "whatever is in their hand."

April 01, 2008 / Oregon Conference