A Godly Gamble Ordained to Gospel Ministry

Matthew Gamble knows about transformed lives—because that’s his story. He grew up in a loving Catholic home, but as his father Bill Gamble says, “Matthew had to discover life his own way.” At the age of 14, Gamble became an atheist. By 19, the Rastafarian religion lured him to Jamaica where he began smuggling marijuana into Florida. One day, in Florida, he met a Seventh-day Adventist pastor who gave him a Bible. Gamble began reading God’s Word, exploring the teachings of Jesus Christ, and watching the grace of God transform his life from the inside out. He enrolled at Andrews University and eventually studied pastoral ministry.

Washington Conference hired him to serve as associate pastor at Auburn City Church, Anchorpointe Company, and then 24/Seven Ministry Center. Gamble recently added pastoral ministry of the Eastside Adventist Fellowship to his 24/Seven responsibilities.

Gamble’s ministry is characterized by his passion in telling people about Jesus and seeing their lives change as they become acquainted with Him. Gamble was ordained into the gospel ministry in early February. This is the most recent milestone in his life, yet this milestone is far from where he began. His ordination, held in Bellevue, featured colleagues, family—including his wife, Susan—and friends who challenged him to connect to God and others, to empower members, to surrender the past, and to care for people.

“My only desire is to understand Christ and Him crucified and to understand how God came to save me from a screwed-up life,” Gamble says in response. “It still baffles me.”

April 01, 2008 / Washington Conference