Adventist Presence Prominent At Dillingham Health Fair

The morning started early, and participants were out of the house and into the dark and cold before 7 a.m. The fair was waiting.

On Feb. 8, the town of Dillingham held their annual health fair in the high school gym, and the Adventist church joined them with nine stations, nearly doubling the exhibits. Using NEWSTART backdrops, members conducted several health screening checks including testing lung capacity, calculating body composition, measuring health age, a step test for heart health, a stress quiz and more. There were more than 100 participants, and the teens lined up to try everything out—especially the lung capacity tester. Edward and Cheryl Dunn, conference executive secretary and his wife, and Wendell Downs, pastor, coordinated the NEWSTART booth and were assisted by volunteers from the church and school.

April 01, 2008 / Alaska Conference