Students Learn to Knit Help Community

Teacher, can you teach me how to knit?" A simple question, but one that has third- and fourth-grade Caldwell Adventist Elementary School students using their talents to help people in need.

Every year, my students ask me to teach them to knit. This year as several of my students were learning how to knit and making small sampler swatches, one of the students asked me if we could make something for a family in her neighborhood. Their furnace wasn't working, and they couldn't afford to replace it. The family was expecting a baby soon, and the student was concerned the baby would be cold. So we decided to make a baby blanket by sewing the sampler swatches together.

The news got out and soon community members donated yarn and blocks for the blanket. The blanket was finished in time for Christmas.

As my students were knitting, I've watched their enthusiasm for helping others grow along with their blocks. They've reached out in helpful, caring, kind ways not only to their fellow classmates, but to students in other classes as well. The students are currently working on hats for newborn babies at a local hospital.

March 01, 2008 / Idaho Conference