Disciples Being Made Here 24/Seven Reaches Church Status

A young family's lives transformed by prayer in Pike Place Market. A young woman who stopped binge drinking. Lonely people who found a welcoming community. People searching for more in life. This is 24/Seven Ministry Center, and these are a few of their stories.

Four years ago, Washington Conference administration turned to Steve Leddy, career church planter, to start this ministry center in Eastside Seattle. After a few initial location hiccups, the group found a home in Bellevue Community College's cafeteria. "There was a period of 10 weeks where we met in a different location every week," Leddy recalls. "It's hard for a church to grow when people don't know where the church is located...but 24/Seven still grew."

This isn't your typical pew-bound church, but it is home to people who need an accepting, exciting and real connection with God. Weekly attendance now averages 120–140. Prayer groups are offered five days a week. Evangelism is a driving force. A church choir is beginning. The 24/Seven band, Garage Voice, performs across the nation. A mission trip to the Philippines is in the works. Homeless ministries and creative outreach projects are popular. And now, 24/Seven Ministry Center is a full-fledged church in the conference.

Leddy serves as lead pastor with part-time help from Matthew Gamble, teaching pastor; Gary Curry, administrative pastor; and Nick Snell, worship pastor."The real history of this church is people loving people and loving God," Leddy says. "I'm excited for what God's already done and what He has in store for us. Disciples are being made here."

March 01, 2008 / Washington Conference

Heidi Martella, Washington Conference associate communication director