Three Young People Join Chehalis Church

The Chehalis Church recently welcomed three young people in baptism.

Christin Beierle, whose father, Cameron, manages the local Christian radio station KACS, always knew she wanted her grandpa to baptize her. Her grandfather, Albert Beierle, is a pastor in Northern Calif. They have always had a close relationship, even though for many years, they lived far apart. Christin was born in St. John's, Newfoundland, while her parents, Cameron and Colleen, were missionaries at VOAR Adventist Radio.

A few weeks later, Matthew and Caite (Catherine) Burghart, son and daughter of Curtis and Pam Burghart, were baptized on their older sister's 13th birthday and their grandmother's 70th birthday.

Their baptism was nearly delayed by the severe flooding in the area because the Boistfort Water System, which supplies the church with water, wasn't working. With extra doses of bleach in the water and showers immediately following their baptism, Matthew and Caite certainly have a baptism to remember.

February 01, 2008 / Washington Conference