Piece of Mind

At times I wonder if it's all I have left "up there"—a piece of mind, that is. Solomon had me in his corner when he apologized "we do not know how to go out or come in. "Well, that's not it exactly…it's just, I can't remember why I was going out. "What was I was going to do?" I mutter, retracing my steps, hoping for the cranial lights to flicker back on.

I admire apostle Paul's visionary purpose statement..."forgetting those things which are behind…," but my growing ability to forget more than I ought is troublesome.

Names of friends, which I've known for years, vanish under the duress of introductions. "And who is this delightful person with you?" someone will gush, not realizing the oh-so-obvious name has suddenly, inexplicably, temporarily, moved just beyond my grasp.

Then there is the growing pencil stash I've absent-mindedly ferried home from the office. Do I remember to return them to my empty tray at work? No...that piece of mind has drifted away somewhere on another task.

I have not achieved (nor do I wish to) the iconic status of the truly great forgetters such as the gentleman who discovered a couple hundred miles down the freeway that he had left his wife at the last rest stop. I do, however, manage to misplace, shred or otherwise discard important documents. I have worn threadbare the line, "I just had it a minute ago!"

I'm surprised it has come to this. So many generous people have given me a piece of their mind over the years, I should have a surplus, a veritable reservoir of pieces ready for action. I read recently, a regular exercise program does wonders for brain circulation. Maybe a good stiff walk around the block is what I need to build back my random access memory (RAM).

Friends who are similarly challenged have suggested there may be another solution. Simplification. Putting aside the relentless media tide, I can be more selective and allow my brain to turn its fragmented powers only to those things, as Paul puts it, that are true and honest and of good report.2

Perhaps then my remaining "piece of mind" might enjoy a more acute "peace of mind." "Peace I leave with you," Jesus said. "My peace I give unto you. Not as the world giveth, give I unto You."3 In this busy, busy world, I believe it gets right to the core of my need.

Now if I can just remember that, I'll be eternally grateful.

1 1 Kings 3:7

2 Philippians 4:8

3 John 14:27


The real source of the smell in the September through November 2007 GLEANERs was a special solution used in the sheet-fed printing process for the cover. Once that was replaced, the smell was gone.

The GLEANER was used as "deer repellent." One lady wrote to say she had buried her GLEANER out by the ornamental cabbages and no deer had bothered them since.

So many generous people have given me a piece of their mind over the years I should have a surplus.

February 01, 2008 / Let's Talk