Moped Helps Pastor in Vietnam Go More Miles in the Ministry

Imagine being a pastor, trying to serve a thousand members in more than 30 congregations, traveling on foot. Through stories told by Linnea Torkelson, Adventist Southeast Projects board member, the Spokane East Central Church youth group learned about a Vietnamese pastor who is doing just that. They wanted to help. "What if we could buy him a moped?" they wondered. The youth, along with some older church members and Pathfinders, decided to raise the money. They held a huge yard sale and car wash. The initial goal was to raise $400, but with the Lord's blessing, $800 was collected.

In October 2007, church members invited Mai Duong, wife of the radio pastor who makes the programs for Vietnamese broadcasts on Adventist World Radio, to come and receive the money.

During the special worship service, Duong and Torkelson shared stories about the miracles and angel interventions believers in the underground Adventist church in Vietnam have experienced. It is estimated as many as a million people are listening to the gospel on short wave radios, some delivered by lay pastors on mopeds, and some delivered to remote mountain villages by "beings with shining faces."

This project reminds us how blessed we are to live in this country, yet so often we take those blessings for granted. This church is committed to doing everything they can to spread the good news of salvation, and look forward to meeting many brothers and sisters from Vietnam who have been blessed as a result of the moped ministry project. "It is our earnest desire to help 'make ready a people prepared to meet the Lord' (Luke 1:17) by any means," says the pastor's wife, "even a garage sale!"

February 01, 2008 / Upper Columbia Conference