Knowing God Evangelistic Series in Grants Pass

More than 75 people came every night for the Grants Pass Church evangelistic series Oct. 12–Nov. 10, 2007. Edward Nelson, assistant pastor, was the speaker for the series "Knowing God." The series emphasized the character of God, His love and how it ties into the classic Adventist doctrines. A picture of a father reaching down to hold a child's hand was used to illustrate this theme. Says one attendee, "Everything showed God's yearning for us and how He longs for us to return His love."

In addition to the main service, the church held children's meetings and facilitated prayer groups which prayed for the Holy Spirit to bless the meetings. For the 40 days leading up to the series, church members prayed. Nelson provided a list of 40 different texts such as, "Day two: Ps. 14:2 'Pray for hearts in our community to be receptive to the voice of the Holy Spirit.'" Everyone prayed for the same blessing each day as God prepared their hearts and those in the community.

This evangelistic series was recorded by Better Life Television (KBLN), and it will soon be on the Web site:

February 01, 2008 / Oregon Conference