Did an Angel Repair the Tower?

The 10:30 a.m. sunrise was spectacular and a small group gathered to prepare tools, climbing harnesses and warm clothing for the 100-foot climb up the tower in the frosty 7-degree air. They were attempting to repair signal problems which had persisted for several months. Jim Bingman, a 70-year-old church member, offered to harness up and do the climbing to check the tower's electrical connections.

The Dillingham (Alaska) Church made a commitment on Dec. 20, 1995, to rebroadcast the Three Angels' Broadcasting Network (3ABN) to their 2,500–resident community. Funds were raised, equipment purchased, and the first 3ABN television signal beamed across the town.

In 1999, a fierce storm brought down their tower. With insurance money, a new tower was purchased. Now repairs were needed again to keep 3ABN's signal strong. "This time of year, the sun never gets more than a few degrees above the horizon," reports Judi Thompson, Dillingham School teacher, "so we can't count on much warmth from its rays. We donned our fur hats, padded overalls, warm coats and heavy gloves."

Getting to the tower, the group checked readings on the transmitter meters once again. To their amazement, the readings were normal! Bingman, already harnessed, and ready to climb the tower, decided he should go up anyway, and shake the cables and connectors, while others watched the meters, to make sure there wasn't still a fault lurking. To their amazement, there wasn't a problem anywhere!

As the group dispersed to their homes, they were filled with thanksgiving—for the beauty surrounding them, for people like Bingman who had strength and courage to climb the tower, and to God for solving the problem before they even asked!

February 01, 2008 / Alaska Conference