Payette Church Members Put ShareHIM Training to Work

After a summer ShareHIM training event, led by Craig Bonson and Tim Ellis of the Vale (Ore.) Church, Payette (Idaho) Church members put their knowledge to work. Beginning on Sept. 6 and running through Oct. 2, 2007, members helped with a ShareHIM evangelistic series, five nights a week. Daniel Hunt, a local evangelist employed by the Payette Church, led a team of lay preachers, which included a stay-at-home mom, an insurance salesman, a plumber and a high school student.

The team made good presentations accompanied by professional-quality slides. Other members were involved in providing snacks, running the sound system, and providing music before the presentations. The result—three baptisms, two professions of faith, and a weekly Bible study group.

Tomm Lemon, Payette/Cambridge/Weiser district pastor, commented, "The best thing about this series was the level of involvement by so-called ‘lay people.’ The New Testament didn't have lay people—everyone had a role to play in the local church, and our members here in Payette certainly demonstrated that the same can be true now." Members of the Payette Church plan to continue their evangelism and enhance their efforts through relationship-building activities.

January 01, 2008 / Idaho Conference