Livingstone Gains 'Green School' Status Recycling Program Grows

January 01, 2008 | Cynthia Olague

People are often too busy to stop and think how much recycling can help our environment. But eighth graders at Livingstone Adventist Academy have, and their efforts to reduce waste and recycle have earned the school "green school" status.

Eighth-grade teacher Sharon Cutz has been focusing on recycling for about three years. Cutz wanted to get her students involved in recycling and taking care of the environment, while learning the meaning of teamwork. At first, many students weren't too excited about the idea of picking up the school’s recycling. The students would have to visit each classroom in the school to get all of the water bottles, paper, etc. But over time, Cutz says they are taking their work more seriously and becoming more of a team.

Oregon Green Schools is an organization that helps schools start recycling programs. The organization recognizes schools that put together a comprehensive recycling and waste reduction plan, and then helps them put it into practice.

The Oregon Green School Summit is one of the highlights of this program. The summit is like a mini camp which a small group of students attend. They learn ideas and new skills about Naturescaping and how to do a “waste audit.” Cutz plans to take several of her students the next time it's offered. Learning to recycle has helped Livingstone become a better place and a healthier environment for students.