Gem State Students Find Neighborhood Bible Studies

Gem State Adventist Academy students learned firsthand that it's not so hard to share Jesus with those around them. Here's the viewpoint of junior Travis Wageman. — Editor

This year's first week of prayer was a great hit. Dan Serns, North Pacific Union evangelism director, shared a great message with us that came from the Bible and his heart. The whole week you could feel the Spirit on the campus. Serns, along with London Lee, our new Bible Teacher and pastor of the GSAA Church, devised an outreach plan. Each class was given a specific neighborhood and challenged to share God's Word with the people in that neighborhood. The Sabbath following week of prayer, we went door to door asking a series of questions. Then we asked if they would be willing to participate in a Bible study. Sixteen people signed up for Bible studies!

January 01, 2008 / Idaho Conference