Fairfield Bikers Rally for Jesus

Several years ago, a number of Fairfield Church members were semi-truck drivers, inspiring member and driver Doug Minett to hold a truck rally. One sunny Sabbath morning, a small fleet of gleaming tractor-trailers pulled in one by one making quite a show to the local community that truckers not only follow the roads, but they also follow Jesus.

Recently, borrowing from the idea of the truck rally, head elder and motorcycle rider David Roberts organized a bike rally. A small town nearby was hosting its second annual bike rally of large proportion, and Roberts wanted to offer an alternative for bikers wanting a more appropriate activity for the Sabbath hours. So the sounds of rolling thunder filled the air as bikers rolled in for a day devoted to them. Roberts offered the morning message “Why He Died, Why We Ride,” focusing on the similarities between riding and the Christian experience in areas such as a sense of community, freedom and heeding God’s call of “Go!” Following a fellowship dinner, the bikers rode to the top of Steptoe Butte for a 138-mile round trip, returning for an ice cream social in the evening.

January 01, 2008 / Upper Columbia Conference