Thank You, Dick and Nadine

December 01, 2007 | Steve Vistaunet

In a world of change, we tend to look for something or someone we can count on to be stable and steady.

For the past five years, we have all had the luxury of two such people, working behind the scenes to provide a consistently stellar GLEANER as a monthly anchor point for Northwest members.

They have traveled the length and breadth of the Northwest, capturing stories that connect us all to what it really means to be about our Father's business. They have harnessed the talents of writers and photographers throughout our territory, and through it all have consistently met design and print deadlines without complaint. They have been our stable and steady influence, and we shall miss them.

You see, the Dowers, with an unmistakeable gleam in their eyes, have reached the fabled shores of retirement. They are ready to move into a somewhat less structured and deadline-driven lifestyle. This issue of the GLEANER is Dick's last as editor. Nadine will remain as managing editor for the next couple of issues during this transition period.

Dick and Nadine Dower, both as individuals and as a team, have made an indelible impact upon our church's communication outreach efforts.

Dick's passion for gaining and maintaining relationships has enabled him to share the heart and soul of what it means to be an Adventist in the real world. From black leather-clad bikers sharing Christ as they motor across the country, to a professional fishing guide in Alaska fighting to keep the Sabbath even during the busy summer season, Dick has brought the extraordinary power of God working through ordinary people to the pages of the GLEANER and other Adventist publications. And if a good picture is really worth a thousand words, Dick's ability to tell stories with powerful photographic images would fill an impressive library.

With her careful attention to detail, Nadine is the quintessential counterpart to Dick. She has worked tirelessly to develop and maintain a communication partnership throughout North America that has promoted the mission of many Adventist ministries while at the same time strengthening the potential of every union paper. And when Dick returns from the far reaches of the Northwest with another great story, it's Nadine who pushes it through the process onto the printed page or the Web.

At the Society of Adventist Communicators convention held in October in Nashville, Dick and Nadine received the Lifetime Achievement Award amidst a standing ovation. It is a fitting, yet somewhat inadequate, tribute to a couple who has, over the decades, quietly aided and mentored countless young communicators within our church.

Pick any spot in North America and you will likely find someone who has gone to school with Dick and Nadine or who has been mentored by them over the years. Their network of friends and admirers testifies to their commitment to building lifelong relationships.

In an era of selfishness, Dick and Nadine have modeled an esprit de corps that exemplifies independence of thought but unity of action. As a team, they have created a living legacy, a commitment to the Lord's cause that will continue to inspire many of us for years to come.

If you'd like to share a word of thanks with the Dowers, send an e-mail to or a card to the Dower's attention at 5709 N. 20th Street, Ridgefield, WA 98642.