If You Pray, They Will Come!

December 01, 2007 | Ken Crawford

I love to open the Word of God and give a Bible study, something I missed when I switched from pastoring to administration. There is nothing as inspiring as leading someone to Jesus, and then supporting them as they grow.

I wasn't in administration too long before I began to pray, "Lord, send someone here who is seeking truth that I can study with. Within a few days, a lady walked into the office and boldly asked the receptionist, "Is there anyone here who could share your church's understanding of the Bible? I have a few questions, and I would like to learn about what you believe."

And that was how I started studying with Phyllis, supported by JoAnn Stevens, the Alaska Conference administrative secretary.

Phyllis was a challenging student. She had a lifetime of study, and she knew her Bible well. Every week, she had a new list of penetrating questions and at times arguments as to why what we were teaching her couldn't be the truth. "No other church teaches this," she often commented. "How could they not understand this if it's the truth?"

I had the blessing of baptizing Phyllis a few weeks ago, and she is now attending church on a regular basis. She has been loved and nurtured by JoAnn Stevens and is continuing to study as she grows in her newfound faith and truth. In addition, she has several family members who are now studying. Some of them are attending Adventist churches around the country.