The Flying Blue Jay Milo Student Sets New Speed Record

December 01, 2007 | Kim Bartholomew

Jaymann Henry, a junior at Milo Academy, competed in the World Human-Powered Speed Challenge races held at Battle Mountain, Nev., and on Oct. 3, he became the youngest racer ever to build his own bicycle and race it to more than 50 mph.

His third speedbike, named the Blue Jay, was built out of several used bikes, fiberglass, steel and Kevlar. Jaymann, who works in the technology department at Milo, has been welding since he was 14 and is planning to be a mechanical engineer.

Racing is a family affair for Jaymann. His parents sponsor their three sons and their daughter in electric-powered go-cart races, called electrathons. Jay's older brother Barclay has the second-fastest time in the world.

Every year Jaymann and Barclay have the fastest cars on the track, but they haven't won the electrathon because they never race on the Sabbath, and the scores for Saturday and Sunday are added together to get the total score. So at this year's race in Eugene, Ore., officials decided to add a new category for the race: most laps in a single day. Jaymann and Barclay both won their divisions, and many people have learned about the Sabbath through the loving Christian example of the Henry family.