Cypress School Hosts a Paint Party

December 01, 2007 | Lowell Dunston

A 10-year-old dream for Cypress recently came true. Bob Grady, president of Seniors in Action for God with Excellence, brought about 25 SAGE volunteers to paint the exterior of four buildings on the Cypress Adventist School campus in Lynnwood, Wash.

In four short days, the dated, faded colors of the 1970s disappeared under the strokes of soft earth tones of pale sage green and tan.

Several of the SAGE workers were among the founders of Cypress more than 30 years ago. Three former Cypress teachers were in the group. Volunteers from the Cypress constituency and other surrounding churches joined the SAGE group to dip their brushes in paint.

Don and Alice Kirkman gave expert advice on color choices; Roger Ferris arranged for the paint to be donated from the closed paint depot on the Auburn Adventist Academy campus; Jenny Murphy, board chair, planned the food service, and the Cypress teachers served it. Martin Bode, local contractor, did a major part of the planning, and Mike Altman, a painting contractor from Portland, directed the process.