Constituency Session Survey Part 2

December 01, 2007 | Garrett Caldwell

At Upper Columbia Conference’s 75th Constituency Session held Sept. 30 at Upper Columbia Academy the delegates participated in a polling session on a variety of topics, including communication, spirituality, youth and family life, and evangelism. The results of the survey will be fodder for discussion among church leaders for a while. At the conclusion of the polling the communication director promised to publish the results in the GLEANER over the next several months.

This month we will see the results of a few questions regarding church life. Each question shows whether the delegates could only choose one answer or could choose all that apply. In cases where they could only choose one answer the percentages will equal 100. When the delegates could choose “all that apply,” the number of votes each selection received has been divided by the total number of people voting—so each selection is shown as a percentage of 100.

The November edition of the GLEANER showed responses to several demographic questions. The reader may want to refer to those responses when comparing their preferences to those indicated by the delegates who were in attendance.

It was the observation of this writer that the overall spirit at the session was quite positive. Yet there was a tangible yearning in the hearts of those on the floor and on the stage to see a breakthrough in God’s work in the Inland Northwest. Perhaps best captured in the theme of the session, “Catching the Second Wind,” all longed to see revival and an outpouring of the Holy Spirit among the members and congregations in the Upper Columbia Conference so that we can soon see the Savior’s face and go home with him.

Church Life

I regularly attend the following: (Choose all that apply)

Sabbath School 49%

Worship service 83%

A small group sponsored by the church 35%

Evangelistic meetings 45%

Prayer meeting 26%

Communion service 80%

In my observation, attendance in my congregation is: (Choose one)

Growing 47%

Not changing 30%

Declining 23%

My church has clearly defined goals for the upcoming year. (Choose one)

Yes 53%

No 47%

I am involved in a small group that includes prayer, Bible study and fellowship. (Choose all that apply)

Yes, an adult Sabbath School class 58%

Yes, a small group other than Sabbath School class 44%

No 18%

I wish my pastor would preach more sermons on the following: (Choose one)

Fundamental beliefs 14%

Bible prophecies 9%

Explanation of biblical passages 11%

Grace and salvation 12%

Second Coming 12%

Relationship with God 30%

Personal relationships 5%

Felt needs (loneliness, depression or life purpose) 7%