Auburn Seniors Select Class Leaders, Grow Spiritually

December 01, 2007 | Erikka Hoffman

The thundering surf and the somewhat sandy shores of the Puget Sound annually draw seniors from Auburn Adventist Academy. For 14 consecutive years, seniors have come together for a retreat at Fort Flagler to choose leaders, to grow spiritually and to bond as a class.

“Since we have such a variety of people in our class, having time to be able to spend with them really created a bond,” said Clara Mae Fitchner, a senior from Eugene, Ore. “As a result, we are definitely closer.”

Whether it is outdoor campfires, communion service, Sabbath walks through the park, or midnight adventures in the bunkers, the time spent together as a class was unforgettable.

“I thought it was a very powerful weekend, and I was deeply moved,” said four-year senior Richard Meharry of Harvey, North Dakota. “I made new friendships and was able to bond even more with my old friends.”

Senior class officers: Megan Tan, president; Shelly McLarty, spiritual vice president; Natalie Harris, social vice president; Melissa McCormick, treasurer; Alma Antonio, secretary; Evan Smith, sergeant-at-arms; Alex Paulsen, photographer/historian; Matthew Stanley, sports coordinator; Michelle Reyes, music coordinator; Ashlie Heilbrun, student-faculty council representative.

It is safe to say that every senior walked away from that trip with a better sense of unity within their class, and a deeper appreciation for our heavenly Father. That is the entire point of the Fort Flagler trip, and it has definitely been a cherished experience associated with Auburn.