Auburn Seniors Select Class Leaders, Grow Spiritually

The thundering surf and the somewhat sandy shores of the Puget Sound annually draw seniors from Auburn Adventist Academy. For 14 consecutive years, seniors have come together for a retreat at Fort Flagler to choose leaders, to grow spiritually and to bond as a class.

“Since we have such a variety of people in our class, having time to be able to spend with them really created a bond,” said Clara Mae Fitchner, a senior from Eugene, Ore. “As a result, we are definitely closer.”

Whether it is outdoor campfires, communion service, Sabbath walks through the park, or midnight adventures in the bunkers, the time spent together as a class was unforgettable.

“I thought it was a very powerful weekend, and I was deeply moved,” said four-year senior Richard Meharry of Harvey, North Dakota. “I made new friendships and was able to bond even more with my old friends.”

Senior class officers: Megan Tan, president; Shelly McLarty, spiritual vice president; Natalie Harris, social vice president; Melissa McCormick, treasurer; Alma Antonio, secretary; Evan Smith, sergeant-at-arms; Alex Paulsen, photographer/historian; Matthew Stanley, sports coordinator; Michelle Reyes, music coordinator; Ashlie Heilbrun, student-faculty council representative.

It is safe to say that every senior walked away from that trip with a better sense of unity within their class, and a deeper appreciation for our heavenly Father. That is the entire point of the Fort Flagler trip, and it has definitely been a cherished experience associated with Auburn.

December 01, 2007 / Washington Conference