UCC Vacation Bible Schools Reach 1,500 Children

"You mean… God died?!"

The little boy was visibly shaken. His Vacation Bible School teacher, portraying a woman lingering near the tomb of Jesus, had urged the children into the darkened room. Only “friends of Jesus” were allowed in, each of them donning a black armband as a symbol of grief over his death. They gathered around the “campfire” to listen to the story. With a hushed, earnest anxiety, she told the children all that had happened on Friday afternoon.

But the story was interrupted. “He’s alive! He’s alive! Jesus is alive!” Another teacher, also in character, burst into the scene, and the story of His resurrection came tumbling out. All of the children jumped to their feet and rejoiced, flinging away their black armbands. One little boy was more than rejoicing… He was relieved.

This scene and others like it replayed over and over around Upper Columbia Conference as 30 churches ministered to 1,500 children through Vacation Bible School. With at least half of them (and in some churches as many as 80 percent) coming from the community, this represents hundreds of community families! Whether through the “Avalanche Ranch” program or “The Great Bible Reef” or “Galilee by the Sea” or something of a leader’s own creation, children and their families were being introduced to Jesus this summer.

Follow-up will be the main focus of the VBS Expo, scheduled for Sunday, April 20, 2008, at the Upper Columbia Conference office in Spokane.

For more VBS photos and stories from around the UCC or for the latest information on the VBS Expo plans, see www.ucaa.org.

October 01, 2007 / Upper Columbia Conference