Oregon Youth Challenge

Oregon Youth Challenge was very busy even though the team was much smaller than usual this summer. They began in the area surrounding the Portland Convention Center where Shawn Boonstra will be holding meetings in February. They continued with Prineville and Madras, helped out with evangelism training at camp meeting and then went on to Bend.

Following is what Oregon Youth Challenge meant to Carrie Mason in her own words:

“In order to come to Oregon Youth Challenge, I had to leave New York and come to Oregon. When I first came out here I really didn't have that close of a relationship with God. I really only came to get out of New York and because my mom wanted me to. I was also curious about what it would be like to go door to door and try to sell books to people I had never even met.

"Then I came out here and met all these really cool new friends. After a while I started to feel closer to God, and I started actually trying to connect with the people I came in contact with. Soon it became more about trying to get these people connected with God and less about how many books I could sell in a day.

"Toward the end of the program I got to the point where that mattered more than anything else. Sure, I'm happy if I sell a book, but it makes me happier if I can touch even one person's life and help them find God.

"As I return back to New York, I'll take a lot with me. Of course, I'll take memories of all the great times that I've had but more importantly I'll take back a sense of who God is and what he is capable of. I just hope that when I am home, I won't lose what I've learned and I'll be able to help my church and kick-start the amount of youth involvement, which is minimal at this point.

"This summer has changed me a lot, and I hope that when I get home I won't change back. I hope to be back next summer."

If you are interested in joining OYC, e-mail info@oryc.net, call Lorraine at (503) 695-5329, or go to www.oryc.net.

October 01, 2007 / Oregon Conference