New Staff at Milo Bringing promise for a great new year

October 01, 2007 | Hannah Myers

Jeff and Amy Deming return to Oregon to work at Milo. Previously the youth director of the Illinois Conference, Jeff is the new school counselor and Bible teacher. He also team-teaches the class Communications in Ministries with his wife, Amy, who teaches in the English department. They have three children, Robbie, Sabrina and Tanner.

Dwight Morgan is the school music director and teaches band, choir and individual music lessons. He and his wife Ellen have three daughters, Maritza, Melody and Calla.

Dale Milam, formerly the principal at Orcas Island Christian School, teaches math, science and Bible. He also provides career counseling. His wife Darla Milam is teaching home economics, folk art and global studies. They have two sons, Eric, a junior, and Dylan, a freshman.

Joseph Nowdesha, a 1995 Milo alumnus, has returned to work as the head chef for the Excel Management food service. His chef title was earned by apprenticeship and the completion of numerous culinary courses. Over the past 12 years he has worked in food services at Weimar, Southwestern Adventist University and several Adventist academies.

Christina Hack, a senior theology major at Southern Adventist University, has taken a year off to join Milo as the assistant chaplain. She is Jeff Deming’s assistant and a leader in the Reach program. She can typically be found in the guidance department, connecting with the students and helping where needed.

Summer Randall and Tyler Baze are the task force assistant deans. Summer graduated in June from Pacific Union College with a bachelor's degree in social work. Tyler graduated from Milo in 2002 and recently received his bachelor's degree in business administration from Oregon State University.