The Little School That Did! PAS Opens School Year in New Building

October 01, 2007 | Kerry Trethewey

A week before Poulsbo Adventist School (PAS) classes began, the school held a ribbon-cutting, recognition and dedication ceremony for the new facilities. In the 23-year history of the school, this will be the first school year where classes are not taught in the church basement. It’s a dream come true for students, teachers and church members. The more-than-5,700-square-foot facility offers two classrooms, an office, a teacher’s workroom, a commercial kitchen and a multipurpose room/gymnasium.

The building program began in 2004 with a sizable donation and the help of SAGE and local church volunteers. For a while, it seemed this little congregation had taken on Goliath—contractor problems, escalating costs, and weather and permit deadlines taxed their “can-do” spirit. Yet the church persevered, raising funds with the leadership of church member Ray Smith, who recently passed away.

Miracles became a regular occurrence: a non-member school parent volunteered general contractor services for near volunteer wages; a local school district surplus sale yielded $25,000 of school furnishings and equipment for $350; sister churches and schools shared tables and lockers at cost; a pastor who hung drywall; and a plumber who worked to complete the plumbing in time for the open house. The final miracle: getting a conditional occupancy permit on Monday, Aug. 27, the day classes officially began in the new building.