TIPS FOR AUTHORS How to Submit Photos to the GLEANER

There are three ways to submit photos:

1. Go to Click on Contributor's Information in the left panel. Under Tips for Authors you will see a link to "Step-by-Step Instructions" for how to submit news stories and announcements online. Click on the link. It will open a PDF file that you can print out and follow the directions for linking your photo to your announcement or story.

2. "Attach" digital photos to an e-mail with the story you have attached, and send it to

You may send 72 d.p.i. photos in the compressed jpeg format if you send a photo that's three to four times the size it is to be published. When you send a low res file that is the size it's to be published, it shrinks down to an unpublishable size when its resolution is changed to the 300 d.p.i. required for publication. CLUE: If you don't know how to tell what the d.p.i. of a photo is, check its file size. The file size should be close to 1 megabyte (1,000 kb).

3. Mail color photographic prints (not prints created on your own color printer), with a hard copy of the story, to GLEANER News, 5709 N 20th Street, Ridgefield, WA 98642, after you've e-mailed the story. Stick a return address label on the back of each photo, if you want them returned to you.

For option 2 or 3, number your photos corresponding to the numbers of the descriptive captions you've written (in full sentences) at the end of your story.

September 01, 2007 / Tips for Authors