That's A Great Story...Zeke!

There are a few people who are naturals when it comes to sharing their faith. You know the type. People like Willie Witness who is sitting on the bus when someone says to him, "Is that seat saved?" To which Willie replies, "No, but I am. Sit down and let me tell you about it!"

Most of us are more like Karl Johnson of Lewistown, Montana. A few months ago his church invited John Loor Jr., Montana Conference president, to conduct a series of evangelistic meetings. Karl wanted to invite someone, but who? Finally he settled on Zeke, his trash collector. Karl rode over to Zeke's house, paused at the edge of the yard, then chickened out and left. Somewhat ashamed, Karl prayed about it, and timidly returned to Zeke's house.

Almost apologetically Karl explained to Zeke that his church was having some Bible meetings, and he wanted to invite him. To his amazement, Zeke said, "Sure. I knew you were having meetings. And I know what you will be talking about! What took you so long to ask me?"

The Rest of the Story

To Karl's amazement Zeke went on to tell him that in his trash collecting he had picked up someone's discarded Conflict of the Ages series of books and had been reading them!

Zeke accompanied Karl to the meetings. Then he attended the follow-up NPUC Momentum satellite meetings that were downlinked from the Hope Channel. Zeke made his decision to be baptized. Zeke is now excited about sharing his faith as a new Seventh-day Adventist.

What If . . .

What if the Lewistown church members had decided against having evangelistic meetings? What if the members had decided not to have the follow-up Momentum satellite meetings? What if Karl had never invited Zeke to attend?

Maybe the rocks would have cried out … but I can tell you, the Lewistown Church members are mighty pleased the rocks didn't have to and that they personally played a part in Zeke's decision for eternity.

You Can Have a Story Too

Did your church carry the last Momentum satellite meetings? If so, you too may have a story. There are a lot more Zekes out there waiting to be asked to come hear the messages God has given us for these last days.

My Personal Appeal to You

For some years the Hope Channel has wanted me to have another series, this time targeting the Northwest. I have been reluctant. Last year as I fought for my life in my battle with cancer I prayed so many times, "Lord, please give me my life back so I can continue to speak for you." When I was approached again to do a series that will be aired from Boise, Idaho, Nov. 10-17, I decided this time I had better accept.

The theme will be: "For God So Loved…A fresh relational, Christ-centered approach to some of the most important issues facing the 21st century secular mind." Topics will include the validity of the Scriptures; the assurance of salvation; death, spiritualism and the last great deception; the millennium and the secret rapture; and the Great Controversy.

Additionally the 60-minute meetings, which will run for eight nights, will feature some of the best of music, graphics and stories. I believe you will be proud to have invited any friend or neighbor to this series. Now is the time to begin planning. These meetings are designed to reap the sowing you and your church have been doing. (For more information, see and GLEANER page 48 or e-mail

A Multitude of Zekes

How many more Zekes are there out there? Only God knows. But Revelation 7:9 tells us there is a multitude too numerous to count. Let's start praying, planning and working to have stories like this one from every church.

• Be sure you see this quarter's Northwest Spotlight on Mission DVD. Carl and Zeke tell this great story in their own words. As usual, a complimentary copy was sent to your Sabbath School superintendent and head elder.

September 01, 2007 / Editorial