Solar Bibles Carry Great Promise

Global Mission enthusiasts will be intrigued with a new project envisioned by Bruce Johnston, retired North Pacific Union Conference president and Medford (Ore.) Church member. It's called the Solar Bibles project.

Recently Johnston discovered that people in villages around the world were using small solar-powered audio units produced by MegaVoice, a non-denominational ministry, to listen to the Bible and other Bible-centered content. He contacted MegaVoice and found that not only was the Bible available in many languages, but that other Adventist content could be loaded in as well. With that understanding, he imagined thousands of these Solar Bibles loaded with the audio New Testament, Steps to Jesus (a simplified Steps to Christ), 20 lessons from the New Beginnings Bible study series, the "God Story" overview of the plan of redemption and the "Jesus Story" soundtrack from the gospel of Luke used in the international Jesus video series.

Much is yet to be done for this vision to become a reality. Content must be translated into other languages, funds gathered, distribution plans laid. Yet Johnston is optimistic that many will come forward to help the project move ahead.

When completed, this Solar Bible resource will no doubt be used in many ways. Adventist members who travel around the world on short-term mission projects may carry several of these units in their luggage to share with people they meet. Interested ministries or members in North America will have an opportunity to send hundreds or thousands of these units to dedicated national Bible workers in challenging global mission fields.

In the early 1990s, Johnston spearheaded Operation Bearhug, inspiring a belief in the Northwest that God was opening incredible doors of opportunity for mission work around the world. Johnston believes the Solar Bible project is yet another divine opportunity. For more information, contact Bruce Johnston at (541) 858-9875 or the NPUC ministerial department at (360) 857-7037.

September 01, 2007 / North Pacific Union