God Provides the Way God Blesses Milo Students for Stepping Out in Faith

September 01, 2007 | Brittany Reynolds

Adán Lopez might seem like the average 19-year-old, but his story is truly miraculous. Every year at Gladstone Camp Meeting, Milo Adventist Academy has a display showing pictures of all the exciting activities students do throughout the year. Lopez was one of the young people who stopped by to see the display and expressed interest in coming to Milo. When he talked to Steve Rae at the booth, Rae told Lopez, “with God all things are possible,” and challenged him to take God at his word.

Lopez went around the campground and asked everyone he saw if they would like to sponsor him so that he could attend Milo. By the end of the day, he had about eight sponsors. When registration day came in August and Lopez didn’t show up, Rae called him. Lopez disappointedly explained that his sponsors from camp meeting didn’t follow through and that he had chosen to go to public school.

The following year, Lopez showed up once again at Gladstone Camp Meeting and was more interested than ever to come to Milo. God’s love through people allowed Lopez and the school to get enough sponsors to help him to attend Milo for both his junior and senior year. He graduated this year with his diploma and hopes to become a pastor. During his years at Milo, Lopez made many lifetime friends and was also a resident assistant (RA) in the dorm.

He was able to witness through his participation in Voices of Zion, an advanced singing group, and shared his testimony in a number of churches and schools around the conference.

Lopez's story, like many of the students at Milo, reminds us of how much God loves and takes care of His children.