Anxiously Waiting

Have you ever known someone who is a member of the Seventh-day Adventist Church but has never seen the inside an Adventist church, and probably never will? The Falls City Church has a member who meets this description; her name is Joyce.

Joyce has been a resident of the Evergreen Care Home in Independence for nearly two years and, due to multiple health problems, has not been able to leave her bed. About a year and a half ago Nelda Rose, a faithful Falls City Church member became her roommate. Nelda had been diagnosed with terminal cancer and was given just a few weeks to live. She and her husband Bill sold their mobile home, and Bill went to live with their son Terry and wife Judy. Practically every day of the week Bill faithfully spent many hours with Nelda. He read to his wife, both from the Bible and the writings of Ellen G. White. From the other side of the room, little did they know that Joyce was also listening. She had never heard anything like this before, and she wanted to learn more. As she heard of the love of Jesus and of the joys of the new earth as described in Early Writings and in the Bible, she became very excited and wanted to be a part of that happy life. One day she heard the words of the song "Is My Name Written There?" She longed to have her name written in God's Book in Life.

Our pastor at that time, Les Jones, visited with Joyce, telling her more of the truths of God's word, which she readily accepted. He then recommended to the Falls City Church that we take her into church membership. We counted it a privilege to welcome her as part of our fellowship. Pat Biro, our Bible worker, visits her faithfully every Friday, and Joyce also receives visits from Doug Clayville, our present pastor, as well as from other church members. Anyone who visits her now knows her favorite saying, "I'm so anxious, I can hardly wait." When asked why she is so anxious, she replies, "Then I can go to sleep until Jesus comes, then I can see Him."

We are happy to have Joyce as part of our church family, and look forward to the time when she will walk the streets of gold, with no more sick bed or pain. The Lord gave Nelda many more months than expected. She was there in the care home for a year and a half. We have had to say goodbye to Nelda now, but are thankful that God took unpleasant circumstances and used Nelda and Bill to help find one of His children and lead her to the joys of eternal life.

The Falls City Church members are also eager for Jesus to come, so they can be reunited with Joyce and with Nelda for all eternity.

September 01, 2007 / Oregon Conference