3ABN Brings a Family to Church In Irrigon, Ore.

Jesse and Kimberly James moved to Umatilla, Ore., with their family recently. Not only were they new in the area and not acquainted with many people, but Kimberly also had the cable TV canceled, feeling that it absorbed too much time.

Kimberly and the two girls, Breezi and Gracie, started looking for friends by visiting some of the churches in the area. Jesse occupied some of his time by watching the Three Angels Broadcasting Network (3ABN), one of the channels they could still receive. Soon he was pointing out to the family some of the things he was learning. When they visited the Irrigon Church the whole family felt welcome.

Kimberly joined the group of women from the church who attended the Women's Retreat in October 2006, and Jesse was also anxious to go to Men's Retreat the following February. The pastor began studies with the family.

Then Kimberly's mother became quite ill, so Kimberly and Gracie went to Arizona to be with her for a few weeks. In the meantime Jesse continued bringing Breezi to Sabbath School and church.

It was a high day for the Irrigon Church to welcome the James family into church fellowship when Fred Christensen, Irrigon Church pastor, baptized Jesse and Kimberly March 3.

September 01, 2007 / Upper Columbia Conference